Save-a-Space is parking personally tailored for your needs. Avoid the stress of searching for a parking space in busy city centres. Save-a-Space will find your space for you and you can instantly reserve and pay with the user‐friendly Save-a‐Space app.

How it works

<b>Destination search</b>

Destination search

Powered by Google Places. Find shops, restaurants & places of interest
<b>Car park details</b>

Car park details

Car park details in one place compiled for you


A list of available parking options on the way to your destination
<b>Personal preferences</b>

Personal preferences

Choose your parking space based on walking distance, cost or convenience



Reserve your parking space in advance
<b>Secure payment</b>

Secure payment

Secure credit card payment via app
<b>Time estimate</b>

Time estimate

Provides your estimated journey time up front


Receive helpful reminders for parking start and finish times

Sign up for the trial

Currently we are signing new users for our Save-a-Space app trial at train stations across the West Midlands in partnership with Network West Midlands (NWM), please click on the link below to get more information and sign up:

SAS NWM signup page


Save-­a-­Space partners offer their spaces to you via the app. Simply enter your destination, arrival date and time and preferred length of stay, and the Save-­a­‐Space app will provide you with a list of available spaces which best suit your needs. You will be able to easily browse information about each car park, such as the location and proximity to your destination, number of available spaces, images of the car park and car park facilities


Reserving a space with the Save‐a­‐Space app is easy. Select the space you would like to reserve and simply press the book button. You will be asked to enter your credit card information and you can decide whether you would like the app to store your payment details for future bookings. You will easily be able to view all your past and existing booking confirmations.


The Save‐a­‐Space app will automatically send you a notification to remind you of your booking, helping you to arrive at your pre­‐booked parking space in good time. Simply press the notification to display your booking details, together with helpful timers keeping you updated with your booking start and end times, and you will be given the option to start mobile navigation to your selected car park. Follow the simple instructions and arrive stress free at your parking space. You will also receive reminder notifications when your reservation is about to expire and once your booking is complete.

Our vision



Take a look at how Save-a-Space can bring an innovative solution to your parking operation.

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The project Save-a-Space has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework and H2020 programmes for research, innovation and technological development under grant agreement no. 632853 with sub-grant agreement no. 007 and grant agreement no. 732947 with sub-grant agreement no. 001