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Smart City Parking tailored just for you

Congested town centres. Car parks full. Late for appointments. Sound familiar?

Available at selected car parks.
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Save-a-Space has you covered


Journey planning just became simple

Looking for a parking space? Find it right here! Reserve and pay for your parking space before you leave home and find it waiting for you on arrival at your chosen car park. Be at your destination on time, stress free.


Available parking that works for you

Book and pay

Stress free advanced planning


Seamless end-to-end journeys


City centre parking - the way it should be.

Every driver knows the pain of finding a parking space - where they want it, when they want it. And it's not a new problem. We decided to create a solution. A solution that would work for drivers, for the environment and for the economy. We call it Save-a-Space.

For drivers

The average driver spends up to 44 hours each year searching for car parking, costing each of us £733. Valuable time and money we won't ever get back.

For the environment

Every year, in the UK alone, 2,500M litres of fuel are used by vehicles searching for parking. This equates to more than 6B kgs of CO2 being emitted into our town and city centres.

For the economy

The annual financial cost to the UK economy of the time wasted, fuel used and CO2 emitted equates to more than £23B. Money that we cannot afford to literally burn.

Key features

Destination search

Powered by Google Places. Find shops, restaurants & places of interest

Car park details

Car park details in one place compiled for you


A list of available parking options en-route to your destination

Personal preferences

Choose your parking space based on walking distance, cost or convenience

Reserve your parking space in advance
Secure payment
Secure credit card payment via app
Time estimation

Provides your estimated journey time up front


Receive helpful reminders for parking start and finish times

Learn more about the Save-a-Space pre-bookable car parking trial

We are registering new users for our Save-a-Space pre-bookable parking trial at train station park and ride car parks across the West Midlands in partnership with Network West Midlands (NWM)

For more information on the Transport For West Midlands trial and what locations Save-a-Space is available:

Find out more


Save-a-Space partners offer you car parking spaces via the Save-a-Space parking app. Simply enter your destination, arrival date and time, and estimated length of stay. The Save-a-Space parking app will provide a list of parking spaces to suit your needs. Check out information about each car park, such as location and proximity to your destination, number of available pre-bookable parking spaces, images of the car park and car park facilities.


When you have chosen your car parking space, simply press ‘book’. Enter your vehicle registration number and payment information, which can be stored for future bookings. You can view all of your existing and past parking space booking confirmations within the Save-a-Space mobile app.


You can choose mobile navigation directing you to your car park, so you arrive stress free at your parking space. The Save-a-Space car parking app will send you notifications to remind you of your pre-booked parking space, helping you to arrive on time. Click on the notification to display your parking space booking details, including parking start and end times. You’ll receive reminder notifications when your parking reservation is about to end and when your parking space booking is complete.

Our Partners

Take a look at how Save-a-Space can bring an innovative solution to your parking operation.

The project Save-a-Space has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework and H2020 programmes for research, innovation and technological development under grant agreement no. 632853 with sub-grant agreement no. 007 and grant agreement no. 732947 with sub-grant agreement no. 001

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