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A customer focused revenue driven parking solution

Save­-a­-Space will maximise town centre parking revenue and deliver cost efficient management, whilst providing an improved customer experience for your town centre visitors.

How it works

The innovative Save-a-Space parking platform is designed to allow parking providers such as town and city centres, to deliver a new level of personalised parking service to customers, whilst managing and monitoring parking spaces with ease via the Save-a-Space web dashboard.


Save-a-Space will give you the opportunity to offer pre-bookable parking spaces in line with your current operations and procedures. You’ll be up and running quickly. Simply enter your parking space information including location, images, parking durations with fees and dates, and times that spaces will be available. Our team will be on hand to offer help and support.

Managed solution

We provide a managed solution that will be continuously improved and updated to ensure that you have access to the latest technological developments. We can also help you to configure and extend the service based on your local needs.

Real-time information

Integration of real-time parking availability information within the app helps maximise the benefits Save-a-Space can bring to you and your town centre visitors.

The Benefits

Increased Revenue

Save­-a-Space will allow you to make available unused parking spaces to town centre visitors. By unlocking an untapped revenue stream with a cost efficiently managed parking scheme, parking managers will maximise revenue from a previously unexploited asset. Save-a-Space can also facilitate the planning and introduction of differentiated parking offers, such as preferential bookings, in an integrated fashion.

Reduced Management Costs

Car parking space usage information is relayed instantly to parking operators in town and city centres, allowing improved car parking management, reduced associated costs and an increased capability for renting out parking spaces.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Parking is a major frustration for drivers, both searching for a car park close to their destination and waiting in queues for a space to become available. Save-a-Space gives you the opportunity to provide your town centre visitors with a truly personalised and highly automated service, making your town centre an easier and more attractive place to return to.

Reduced Traffic & Emissions

Save-a-Space smartly computes optimal parking options for drivers on route to their destination based on their personal preferences. And with the help of their mobile operating system’s built-­in navigation, visitors will be directed straight to their selected car park, which will ease congestion, shorten journey times and reduce CO2 emissions.

Big Data Insights & Incentives

Our cloud-based management solution gives real-time insights into driver activity through novel big data analysis. This provides the opportunity to influence behaviour with time and location specific offers and incentives, encouraging engagement with visitors and town centre retailers and businesses.

Better Engagement

With the ever growing popularity of online purchasing, the aim is for Save-a-Space to eliminate the major infuriation of searching for a parking space, encouraging people once again to enjoy the experience of ‘real’ town and city centre shopping.

The Opportunity

For parking operators

Take a look at our case studies to see how both drivers and operators are already benefitting from our cutting edge technology. If you think that Save-a-Space could help bring an innovative solution to your parking operation, please register your interest with us.

For other service providers

Think we can bring benefits to your solution. You can integrate with us through our APIs in your apps and solutions. Please register your interest with us.

The project Save-a-Space has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework and H2020 programmes for research, innovation and technological development under grant agreement no. 632853 with sub-grant agreement no. 007 and grant agreement no. 732947 with sub-grant agreement no. 001

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