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The team here at Save-a-Space are happy to announce that our pre-bookable parking scheme, launched in November 2017 in partnership with Transport for West Midlands, is up and running again.

The pilot was popular with commuters who were arriving earlier and earlier at train station car parks to ensure they could find a parking space. They were taking their train journey earlier than they might need, simply due to oversubscribed car parks.

The ability to reserve a space in advance gives rail users the flexibility to leave home later, and catch a train that suits their schedule without the stress and hassle previously experienced.

During Covid-19 lockdowns we paused the service due to reduced use of public transport. With a ‘new’ kind of normal, train station park and ride car parks are getting busier and busier.

For a £3.60 a day, drivers can reserve a premium parking bay close to the railway station entrance.

Save-a-Space was reintroduced on 27 February 2023 and has already attracted users that are keen to reserve their parking space in advance via our easy-to-use app with integrated payments, once again allowing them to remove anxiety associated with the morning commute.

The project Save-a-Space has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework and H2020 programmes for research, innovation and technological development under grant agreement no. 632853 with sub-grant agreement no. 007 and grant agreement no. 732947 with sub-grant agreement no. 001

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